According to new research, these are the biggest influences on buyers when they’re looking for a place to live.

Picking which suburb you’re going to call home is a big decision.

According to a new study from, cost is the biggest influence when it comes to choosing your home’s location.

However, after delving deeper into the minds of Queensland home buyers, it was also discovered that noise and crime rates play a big part in the decision making process. money expert Michelle Hutchison said the survey asked more than 1,000 Australians to rank the top three “most important reasons” for choosing a suburb to live in.

“For Queensland residents, housing cost was their biggest factor for choosing where to live, followed by peace and quiet locations,” she says. “Crime rate was the third biggest factor for locations to live. Proximity to family and friends and closeness to retailers and supermarkets were equally ranked at fourth and fifth.”

Nationally, the results were very similar to Queensland’s.

“We asked Australians what were the main factors that lead to their decision to live in their chosen suburb. The number one reason, perhaps unsurprisingly, for choosing a suburb was the cost of housing – cited by 50 per cent of people.

“The next most important feature was peace and quiet (38 per cent),  crime rate, proximity to supermarkets and proximity to work, all coming in just over 20 per cent.

“The least important feature Australians were looking for in a suburb was proximity to the airport, which also reflects the importance of peace and quiet for respondents.”

Ms Hutchison also revealed what other states are looking for when it comes to choosing the right suburb.

“Tasmanians love their peace and quiet,” she says. “The only state where housing cost is not the most important factor in choosing a suburb is Tasmania – where it comes second place to peace and quiet.

“New South Wales residents have a high preference for living close to work. That choice ranks third in New South Wales, but sixth or seventh in the other states. South Australians and Victorians prefer to live by their families – both rank this third after house prices and peace and quiet, whereas family and friends are only sixth most important on average in the other states.

“New South Wales residents are far less likely to want to live near a supermarket. The preference ranks eight in New South Wales and fourth in every other state.”

The top five things Queenslanders want in a suburb

  1. Low housing cost
  2. Peace and quiet
  3. Low crime rates
  4. Proximity to family and friends
  5. Proximity to retailers and supermarkets

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