It’s a sad day for Big Brother fans all over the country, with reports that Dreamworld has started dismantling the BB house.

The word is that the reality show won’t be returning this year, with ratings on the last season lower than ever.

And according to programming and production chief, Andrew Backwell the show is not likely to be back any time soon.

“We have no plans to bring it back at this stage, it is however still in consideration so we are certainly not ruling it out,” he told News Corp.

“We also believe it would work brilliantly on GO but we need to work through a business case to see if the investment was viable.”

Big Brother Australia ran from 2001 to 2008 on Ten, and then again from 2012 to 2014 on Nine (its current owner).

Ratings for the last season averaged just 650,000 viewers, very different to the 1.4 million who reportedly tuned in for the first season in 2001.

Celebrity Apprentice will return to Nine this year instead of Big Brother, as well as The Farmer Wants a Wife and Australia’s Got Talent.

It’s believed that there is no interest in Big Brother from any other network at this point.

Are you a Big Brother fan? Are you upset that it won’t be returning?