A group of Brisbane design students are about to pitch the biggest project of their lives.

The group of students from Billy Blue College of Design – Dee Chin, Paige Hodkinson, Juliana Siqueira Ribeiro, Lillie Hockings and Ashleigh Rundle, collectively known as Aeon – are currently working on an assignment for their environment design class to transform the historic Regent Cinemas on Queen Street Mall into a boutique live music venue.

And to their surprise, The Regent’s current developers want to hear them out.

The ball started rolling when the group were asked to do an assignment based on elements they had learned about in class, like flooring, ceilings, facades and entry ways.

“We had to choose a space where we felt improvement could be made with those elements and we ended up choosing The Regent,” Dee says.

The group felt The Regent wasn’t being used to its full potential.

“It stood out as such a historic and beautiful building and we felt its current purpose wasn’t doing it justice,” Dee says.

“We are really passionate about bringing The Regent back to life and having it service Brisbane as it did when it was originally built in 1929.”

The plan is to restore The Regent and create a cultural hub for locals and visitors.

“We endeavour to acknowledge the significance of The Regent and restore it as an iconic piece of Brisbane’s cultural and architectural history,” Dee says.

“Traditionally, even through the dark times during the recession The Regent was a place where locals could gather and be distracted by entertainment and it would boost their spirits.

“We want to re-establish that.”

Dee says the group’s idea would see a transformation of The Regent’s grand foyer, lobby and the old milk bar, ultimately opening it up to one big space called

“Live at the Regent”.

“We would like to use the grand foyer as a boutique live music venue,” she says. “The old milk bar, which is currently being used as a café, will be turned into a sophisticated martini bar called Dine Olive.

“And the lobby area will be a chill out area and a place where people can purchase their tickets and merchandise from the artists.”

The group will hold a formal presentation this month at The Regent, where they will present their concept to the current developers. The girls have put together a 3D model, fittings and fixtures and have organised live entertainment for the presentation.

We think they’ll knock it out of the park.