Brisbane shoppers can expect the Hollywood treatment next time they shop at Queens Plaza in Brisbane’s CBD, with the launch of Secure Parking’s new five-star valet car parking service myValet.

Designed to enhance customers’ shopping experience, myValet offers Hollywood style valet parking from just $6 (in addition to standard parking fees).

Secure Parking Group General Manager David Knight says myValet is an affordable and unique parking experience that’s long-overdue for Brisbane’s CBD.

“Shoppers visit the city to enjoy a premium shopping and dining experience so we wanted to go one step further by providing a Rodeo Drive-style parking service,” he says.

“The service will integrate seamlessly with our online booking platform, Secure-a-Spot, which allows customers to save up to 40 per cent on standard parking rates.

“As an added convenience, customers using Secure-a-Spot will be given their own code to enter and exit the carpark.”

Mr Knight says the company anticipates the service will be popular all year round, particularly during winter sales and the Christmas period.

“Retailers will be able to roll out the red carpet for their customers by booking the myValet service for them through our Secure-a-Spot VIP portal,” he anticipates.

There’s nothing worse than having to go to the shops for a last minute present, only to get stuck circling around and around looking for a park, and this sounds like a great way to avoid those stresses.

myValet will soon expand to offer a concierge service, too.

The service will encourage shoppers to drop their bags off in between shopping. Then valet attendants will pack your shopping away for you. Very ritzy —  and for someone like me who absolutely loves to shop, a very good thing.

A notification system is also being implemented which will allow myValet customers to reply to an automated text message on their way back to the car park, so that when they return their car will be ready for them.

At an additional cost, customers can also choose to have their car washed and detailed while they shop, with Secure Parking’s mySplash.

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