Zoo keepers from the Dvůr Králové Zoo in Czech Republic have announced the death of 32-year-old Northern White Rhino, Nabiré.

Nabiré was amongst only five northern white rhinos left in the entire world and belonged to the exclusive group of norther white rhinos who were successfully bred in captivity.

Dvůr Králové Zoo’s Rhino Curator, Jiří Hrubý said that Nabiré fell victim to a large pathological cyst after it had erupted inside her.

“The pathological cyst inside the body of Nabiré was huge. There was no way to treat it,” said Mr Hrubý.

In a statement the director of Dvůr Králové Zoo, Přemysl Raba said that Nabiré was the kindest rhino that they had ever bred and that losing her was a terrible loss to her species.

“It is not just that we were very fond of her. Her death is a symbol of the catastrophic decline of rhinos due to a senseless human greed. Her species is on the very brink of extinction,” said Mr Rabas.

In the wild, the northern white rhinos (NWR) were poached to extinction. Their slaughter has been driven by the demand for their horn in some countries of East Asia and the Arabian Peninsula.