A new study has revealed the locations of the highest and lowest libidos in the country.

The study, which was carried out by dating site EliteSingles, looked at anonymous user data from 25,000 users across the country.

The highly scientific study asked users, ‘How strong is your desire for sex?’, and rated their response on a scale from 1-7. The average number for each postcode was then calculated and ranked from top to bottom.

The results suggest that the people living closest to the water are also the thirstiest, with Broadbeach topping the list of Queensland’s highest libidos and Coogee, a beachside suburb in New South Wales, taking out top honours for the nation.

The thirst is real

If you plan on relocating based on this data from EliteSingles — because, sure, that seems like a reasonable thing to do — here’s where you’ll be moving to.

Queensland’s highest libidos

  1. Broadbeach
  2. Burleigh
  3. South Bank
  4. New Farm
  5. Ascot
  6. Surfers Paradise
  7. Paddington
  8. Cairns City
  9. Southport
  10. Robina

Australia’s highest libidos

  1. Coogee (NSW)
  2. Manly (NSW)
  3. South Melbourne (VIC)
  4. Cronulla (NSW)
  5. Port Melbourne (VIC)
  6. Broadbeach (QLD)
  7. Darlinghurst (NSW)
  8. St Kilda (VIC)
  9. Bondi (NSW)
  10. Brunswick (VIC)

At least New South Wales is good at something, right? Right?

Meanwhile, you’ll want to avoid these inland and regional areas, which have a headache and just have to get up so early tomorrow.

Australia’s lowest libidos

  1. Shepparton (VIC)
  2. Caboolture (QLD)
  3. Sunbury (VIC)
  4. Glenroy (VIC)
  5. Albury (NSW)

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