Australian rock legend Jimmy Barnes has called out ‘certain groups of people’ on his official Facebook page after it was discovered that anti-Islam groups Reclaim Australia and the United Patriots Front were using his songs as anthems.

Protestors across Australia took to the streets last weekend with clashes between anti-racism and anti-Islam demonstrators.

The Scotland-born Barnes has said he has been made aware that his music is being used during the demonstrations, but he does not support them or their cause.

Mr Barnes said in a statement that his family has embraced multi-culturalism.

“It has come to my attention that certain groups of people have been using my voice, my songs as their anthems at rallies,” he wrote.

“I only want to say the Australia I belong to and love is a tolerant Australia. A place that is open and giving.

“It is a place that embraces all sorts of different people, in fact it is made stronger by the diversity of its people.

“If you look at my family you can see we are a multicultural family. Australia needs to stand up for love and tolerance in these modern times.

“None of these people represent me and I do not support them.”

In their own Facebook Post, Reclaim Australia has apologised to Barnes over the use of his music at their rallies, but accused Barnes and the media of misrepresenting the group’s intentions.

“Mr Barnes, you have mistakenly believed incorrect news reports that Reclaim Australia is a racist group.. [sic] This is not true…Inevitably at our rallies we unfortunately have some fanatics & we have tried our best to have them removed.”

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