Aldi has been named Australia’s best supermarket for the second year in a row in consumer research company Canstar Blue’s supermarket satisfaction awards.

The German discount chain is the top dog after securing a five star rating in four of eight categories: Overall satisfaction; value for money; deals/specials available; and the quality of their private label.

The ratings are ascertained by asking survey respondents to grade the supermarket chain they shop at most often across a range of criteria.

Aldi has actually improved on last year’s result, increasing from four stars to five in overall satisfaction, and from three stars to four in customer service.

For the second year in a row, Woolworths ranked lowest out of the five supermarkets, with three stars in all categories (except product variety, where it scored four stars).

Coles improved on last year’s results, improving from three stars to four in value for money; customer service; and deals/specials.

Responses from the survey indicate that value for money is increasingly on a shopper’s mind, with nearly one in four (23 per cent) switching which supermarket they shop at within the past year. The top reason given for switching was to save money (50 per cent), followed by the quality of the products (15 per cent), convenience (12 per cent) and attractive rewards programs (11 per cent).

Eight per cent said they didn’t even know why they switched, and just two per cent put it down to advertising.

Even when shoppers don’t switch chains altogether, they are rarely loyal to one store. Only 72 per cent of shoppers said they always shop at the same chain.

With a five-star satisfaction rating, ALDI was the winner in the hotly-contested value for money segment, with Foodland and Coles achieving four stars, followed by IGA and Woolworths with three stars.

The average supermarket spend was $138, with Aldi shoppers coming in with the lowest average weekly spend at $126. IGA shoppers had the highest weekly spend at $150, Woolworths shoppers spent an average of $142, and Coles and SA chain Foodland’s customers spent $134.

Across all chains, 44 per cent of shoppers said they buy ‘private label’ products over big name brands. 59 per cent of shoppers said they believe cheaper products are just as good as their more expensive alternatives.

Aldi was recently crowned Australia’s cheapest supermarket by CHOICE.

You can read the full Canstar Blue report here.