While we might not have the cheapest public transport in the country, we may have the safest according to new research.

Consumer research company Castar Blue’s latest survey on city trains has found that Queenslanders feel safer on night trains in comparison to other states.

While the majority of commuters across the country overwhelmingly felt safe while travelling during the day (89 per cent), results on how safe passengers felt during night commutes were varied.

Queenslanders felt the most safe with 57 per cent saying they felt confident commuting at night, in comparison with only 40% of Western Australians feeling the same way.

Meanwhile 50 per cent of New South Wales commuters agreed, 46 per cent in Victoria and 45 per cent in South Australia.

However, the survey also found that Queensland passengers were spending the most each week on average for public transport.

Queenslanders were estimated to spend around $22.60 a week in comparison to Western Australian commuters spending around $13.99.

by  Leon Harris

by Leon Harris

It remains unclear though how much these cost differences have to do with the how much people are using trains or the expense of tickets.

Rail Back on Track advocacy spokesman, Robert Dow told the Brisbane Times that Queensland’s expensive public transport prices should be on the top of our priority lists.

“It clearly indicates we’ve got a problem with fares in south-east Queensland,” Dow said.

“Apart than that, Queensland Rail is performing at a very good level.”

Canstar Blue general manager Megan Doyle said it only takes one factor like ticket expenses to leave passengers dissatisfied with overall rail experience.

“It only needs one of them to go wrong to leave passengers feeling thoroughly fed up,” he said.

“Keeping everything on track is a monumental task and a thankless one.

“I’m sure most people can understand that, from time to time, things will go wrong and they may be delayed or forced to stand on an overcrowded train.

“But if this becomes the norm, rather than the exception, then they will have good reason to feel aggrieved, particularly if the cost of travel is already a sore point.”

Along with price, the survey also asked customers what they thought about the service reliability, timetables and cleanliness.

While Queensland Rail was given a four star rating by Castar Blue, it was Transperth who was named as the best urban train system in Australia.