One of our greatest singer-songwriters is back with a new solo album.

Beloved Brisbane troubadour Ben Salter has released his second full-length solo album, The Stars My Destination.

It’s the first solo album to be released by Salter since his acclaimed 2011 solo debut, The Cat.

Salter is best known for his work as the driving force behind The Gin Club, Giants of Science and The Wilson Pickers, and although he loved being part of those groups, he always wanted to go solo full-time.

“The rest of the members of all my bands, for them, music is a part-time thing and a hobby,” he says.

“I really wanted to do it full-time and in order to do that I had to stop dragging them around from place to place and get my own thing happening.”

The Stars My Destination was recorded in Central Queensland on his sister’s farm, where Salter also recorded songs with The Gin Club.

“It’s a place where I feel really comfortable,” he says.

“I’ve been going there since I was 16 and rather than a sterile studio environment it’s quite intimate and I feel like it’s a place where I can relax.”

Salter hopes to continue making albums right up until the day he dies, but finds it hard to describe his own work.

“It’s just me,” he says. “It’s not particularly revolutionary, it’s not like I’m making improvised noise pieces or anything. It’s just rock’n’roll and pop.

“Of course, for it to be ‘pop’ it’s got to be popular… and I’m working on that.”

The Stars My Destination is out now. Ben plays Black Bear Lodge on Friday 17 July.