For the first time in their 123-year history, Liverpool FC are coming to Brisbane!

Liverpool FC are set to play against Brisbane Roar at Suncorp Stadium this Friday and fans couldn’t be happier.

Chairperson of the Liverpool FC Queensland Supporters Club, Rob Sinnamon, says it’s a dream come true for many supporters.

“Liverpool FC coming to Brisbane is a celebration,” he says.

“It’s a privilege to have Liverpool come to your home city and a great opportunity for supporters young and old to get involved.”

The Liverpool FC Queensland Supporters Club has 500 official branch members and a social media reach of over 3,000. As a member, you get invitations to social events, access to Premier League tickets at Anfield and upcoming tour benefits.

Rob says that many members of the club will be attending the big game, as well as members of Official Supporter Clubs in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and New Zealand.

“We haven’t won the League for a while but that doesn’t change the passion of the supporters. What makes our club special are the supporters, famous around the world and with 280 Official Supporter Clubs, it is one big family when we get together,” he says.

“Win lose or draw we will be partying hard and enjoying every moment.”

The Liverpool FC Queensland Supporters Club will be holding a few different social events and gatherings in lead up to the big game. For more info, click here.

But the game’s not the only thing fans are looking forward to.

After the game, tribute act The Beatles Swing are all set to play live to fans from the terrace of The Gambaro Hotel on Caxton Street.

The show features an eight-piece band with two backing singers, but unlike any other Beatles tribute band, there is no guitar in sight in this swing band.

Lead singer Craig Martin, who is originally from Liverpool, says he decided to take the guitar riffs out of the music for something different, replacing them with the trumpet, clarinet or piano.

“It’s bizarre because I’m a guitarist,” he laughs.

“It’s a crazy and daffy thing to do, but it works.”

Craig contacted Sony/ATV, who now own 99 per cent of the copyright to The Beatles’ songs, and sought permission to have the Fab Four’s songs arranged swing style, without a guitar. He didn’t think it would work at all, but it did.

“Even Paul McCartney has to pay for the rights to perform his songs, because the Beatles don’t own them,” Craig explains.

“I was so surprised. (Sony/ATV) loved my idea and said they were going to let me use twenty-five of the songs.”

Craig says the approval process was a nightmare.

“It took a long time, there were a lot of rules and it cost a lot of money,” he says.

“I wasn’t allowed to change the songs too much, just tweak them. They still had to be instantly recognisable, which is understandable because changing them would confuse and annoy people.”

“Two of the terms and conditions they had made me laugh — I wasn’t allowed to sing any of the songs in Spanish or rap in any of them.”

Craig’s a huge Liverpool supporter, and even though he’s excited about the terrace performance this Friday, he’s a little sad that he can’t go to the game.

“I have to set up for the show so I won’t be able to go,” he says, “but this is an opportunity I can’t miss. It’s basically going to be like The Beatles’ last performance on the rooftop.”

Craig expects the fans to be a little bit crazy after the game.

“I think people are underestimating how crazy this event will be. Liverpool supporters are mad! It’s a religion and a passion, not just a game.

“When I perform You’ll Never Walk Alone, which is basically Liverpool’s anthem, I expect to see a sea of people holding their scarves above their heads, probably drunk.”

Liverpool FC will play against Brisbane Roar this Friday night at Suncorp Stadium, with kick-off at 6:45pm. For tickets, visit Ticketek. For public transport information, visit Translink.

The Beatles Swing will be playing from 9pm on the terrace of The Gambaro Hotel on Caxton Street.

Are you a Liverpool fan? Are you excited for the game?