He’s not wrong, is he?

A cross to Dawn Fraser on the Nine Network’s Today Show this morning quickly turned into a reenactment of an awkward conversation with your racist grandparent.

Fraser, discussing Nick Kyrgios’ fourth-round Wimbledon loss to Richard Gasquet, accused Kyrgios of “all that tanking” and “absolutely disgusting behaviour”.

She said Kyrgios and fellow Aussie tennis star Bernard Tomic (who directed an epic rant at Tennis Australia earlier in the week) should be “setting a better example for the younger generation of this great country of ours” — and then she went too far.

“If they don’t like it, go back to where their parents came from,” the Olympic legend said. “We don’t need them here in this country to act like that.”

Kyrgios was born in Canberra and has Greek and Malaysian heritage. Tomic was born in Germany.

Fraser’s criticism of Tomic for disrespecting Tennis Australia is just a little bit hypocritical, considering her fiery relationship with the Australian Swimming Union during her career. In 1964, she marched in the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics against their wishes, and angered sponsors by wearing an old swimsuit in competition. She was also accused of stealing an Olympic flag from outside Emperor Hirohito’s palace, which led to the Australian Swimming Union issuing her with a 10-year suspension.

Certainly, Kyrgios is no angel — and he’s been widely criticised after each of his four matches at Wimbledon for his misbehaviour on the court — but he put Fraser’s comments in perspective this morning, returning serve with a Facebook post.

“Throwing a racket, brat. Debating the rules, disrespectful. Frustrated when competing, spoilt. Showing emotion, arrogant. Blatant racist, Australian legend,” he posted.

Kyrgios’s mother Nill took to Twitter to respond to Fraser’s comments.

“I have no comments on Dawn Frasers nasty racist attack… but she is out of line. #unaustralianbehaviour,” she tweeted.

We’d like to believe that Fraser is not actually a racist, but was simply promoting the third season of popular SBS documentary series Go Back To Where You Came From, which premieres on Tuesday 28 July.

Unfortunately, this is a side of Dawn Fraser that’s been visible for a while — in 2007, she offered up this gem to the ABC: “I wish I could be as outspoken, I suppose, as Pauline Hanson, and say, ‘look, I’m sick and tired of the immigrants that are coming into my country’.”

Looks like she got her wish.