It’s the excuse you’ve been waiting for. According to a recent study, there’s much more to being late than just being unorganized.

Every group has one, that one friend who is always late to everything.

It’s annoying and often leaves you thinking “why can’t they just be organised for once?” but it turns out, it’s really not their fault.

According to Diana DeLonzor, author of Never Be Late Again, there are several psychological and physiological components that can contribute to being late.

DeLonzor conducted research on the perpetually tardy by interviewing hundreds of people, finding that most offenders try desperately not to be late. In fact, her research found that late-arrivers think differently and perceive time differently than others.

She believes that there are seven different types of late people, finding most offenders to be a combination of more than one type.

The first group of tardy people, and one of the most common, are “the deadliners”.

“One of the things I found is that some people were subconsciously drawn to the adrenaline rush of that last minute sprint to the finish line. They have a hard time motivating themselves without that looming deadline, without that crisis on the horizon,” she told Huffington Post.

“Then, as they realize there’s no way they’re going to make it on time, that positive feeling turns to dread. Then they start beating themselves up.”

The second category of late people are what DeLonzor calls “the producer.”

Consisting of, “those are people who consistently over-schedule their days,” she said.

“[The producer] thinks she can go for a run, clean the house, put in a load of laundry, pick up the dry cleaning, take a shower and get the kids dropped off at school in an hour.”

The third group are the “absent minded professors,” which are easily distracted people who might even have a diagnosable condition in the form of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

“When they head out the door, they might notice the drapes are crooked and they run over and fix the drapes. On the way back they’ll get distracted by seeing the computer is on and they go to turn it off but have to surf the web first,” Ms DeLonzor said.

“They have a hard time getting from point A to point B without getting distracted by C, D and E.”

A fourth, less common sub-type, is the “rebel,” or a person who actually enjoys being late, because they like the idea of knowing other people are waiting for them.

“They’re maybe people who are insecure and having people wait for them makes them feel important,” Ms DeLonzor said.

The other groups include “the rationalizer,” who doesn’t fully admit the problem and always blames it on external factors, like a traffic jam. We’ve all heard that one before!

“The indulger”, who struggles with self control, often feeling like they don’t want to go somewhere, often changing their mind at the last minute.

Lastly, “the evader,” who keeps trying to perfect a situation before leaving the house, often saying things like ‘I’ll try on one more outfit’ or ‘I’ll just clean this mess up’. This one sounds all too familiar!

What type are you?