It’s the start of the new financial year, which means from today we’ll all be paying more for things like tolls, license renewals and registration.

Here’s a list of the things you’ll be expected to pay more for, this financial year.

Car Registration

As of today, car registration will be $12 up to $23 dearer depending on the size of the vehicle‘s engine. This means, registration for a four-cylinder car will go from $328.90 to $340.40, six-cylinder cars from $492.30 to $509.50 and seven or eight cylinder cars have sky rocketed to $693.25 from $669.80, excluding insurance costs.

With the increase also comes the option to pay rego bills quarterly.

Renewing your license

Licensing fees have also increased overnight, with one-year licence fees changing from $68.08 to $71.20 and 5 year license fees from $154 from $159.40.


Go Via Tolls have also gone up overnight too, with the Murarrie toll point (on the Gateway Bridge) now $4.32 for cars and the Clem 7 now $4.85. Truck drivers will feel the biggest sting, with heavy vehicle tolls going up to $11.43 on the Gateway and up to $12.85 on the Clem 7. All other tolls have gone up too, except for Legacy Way. Visit to find out more.


You don’t want to be caught doing the wrong thing this new financial year (or ever, really). Everything from speeding to walking the dog without a leash to smoking in a non-smoking area will incur a hefty fee.

The value of a penalty point has increased from $113.85 to $117.80. A fine for smoking in a non smoking area has risen from $227.70 to $235.60, the fine for driving without due care and attention has increased to $4712 up from $4554, and if your caught spraying graffiti you’ll cop a hefty fine of $2356.

On the plus side, the latest Queensland Competition authority power price determination shows a slight drop in electricity costs for the average house user, this financial year.

New measures clicked into place overnight meaning south-east Queensland electricity retailers will have to offer customers at least one contract that offers no exit fee if they find a better deal, with all other contracts having to cap exit fees at $20.

What do you think about these changes?