Netflix has secured an early victory in the great streaming war of 2015.

Roy Morgan Research has released data earlier today demonstrating that the American streaming giants has successfully gripped on Australian consumers with its lead in subscriber rates.

Numbers Provided by Roy Morgan Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, May 2015

Numbers Provided by Roy Morgan
Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, May 2015

The data shows that subscriber numbers for Netflix has reached the million mark since it hit the Australian market earlier this year, whilst its closest rival – Foxtel’s Presto has only manage to secure 97,000 subscribers.

But this leaves one question — will Netflix be able to maintain its victory or see a loss as the introductory free trials comes to an end later on in the year?

Popular Netflix Show 'Orange is the New Black' Source: Netflix

Popular Netflix Show ‘Orange is the New Black’
Source: Netflix

Roy Morgan media general manager Tim Martin has said that war is far from over when you take into consideration key players such as Foxtel, who have secured and maintained a strategic place in the paid television market.

“Over five million Australians live in a household subscribed to Foxtel… and this currently includes around 300,000 Netflix subscribers.”

“Are they adding Netflix, and planning to keep Foxtel too? Or were they holding on to Foxtel until Game of Thrones wrapped up season five last week?” Mr Martin said.

It is also important to consider whether or not subscribers are subscribing too multiple streaming services, such as Presto, Stan and Quickflix as well as subscribing to Netflix, which is likely as different media providers hold the rights too different TV shows and movies making content only available to the streaming or TV providers.

“It also might not be an either-or proposition. As each has different content available, many Australian TV lovers may choose to subscribe to multiple SVOD providers, switching between Orange is the New Black on Netflix, Better Call Saul on Stan, the HBO back catalogue on Presto and a new release movie (or delayed Game of Thrones marathon) on Quickflix,” Mr Martin said.

Only time and content will tell.

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