Whether you love the new direction or hate it, there is no denying that the second season of HBO’s True Detective has drastically changed its pace — and with that change comes a new title sequence.

The opening credits, designed by Brisbane Artist Patrick Clair, have received acclaim and rightfully so.

Set to Leonard Cohen’s 2014 song Nevermind, The viewer is exposed to rich visual imagery, vibrant reds and deep cool blues which creates a sense of duality whilst keeping true to the imagery California brings to mind, whilst the deep existential blacks create a sense of mistrust and intrigue.

Screenshot from the title sequence for 'True Detective' Source: HBO

Screenshot from the title sequence for ‘True Detective’ Source: HBO

Clair is no stranger to the show or creating such intriguing title sequences and its come to no surprise that director Justin Lin stuck with Clair, after Clair was awarded an Emmy for designing the title sequence in the first season of True Detective

Screenshot of Title Sequence  Source: HBO

Screenshot of Title Sequence
Source: HBO

Patrick Claire, 33 was born in Brisbane, Australia where he studied live-action film production at Queensland University of Technology. After a few years working in advertising and film production, he moved to Sydney to complete an MA in Digital Media from the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS).

For the past eight years he’s been working as motion designer and director with the likes of MTV, Andrew Denton, The Chaser, ABC Television, Billabong, FSM and others. Claire is also the man behind the the title sequence for the Netflix original series, Daredevil.