Is gardening really sexier than hiking? A new study has pinpointed exactly what Australian singles are looking for.

Everyone needs a hobby, but it turns out some pastimes are sexier than others.

Dating site Elite Singles has released a list of hobbies voted ‘most sexy’ by Australians, using data provided by 75,000 of their members.

The results showed that some of the more mundane domestic pursuits are in fact surprisingly popular with those seeking love: fine dining, reading and gardening all made it into the top ten list of most alluring partner hobbies.

Travelling topped the list for both women and men.

By comparing user opinions on the sex appeal of popular hobbies, the study was able to determine what pastimes Australians deem attractive in a partner – and which tend to turn them off.

Surprisingly, hobbies traditionally seen as ‘impressive’ fell short; hiking, climbing, sailing and adventure sports all failed to make the top ten, and rugby was ranked in the bottom three, along with equestrian sports and racket sports.

The 10 sexiest hobbies:

1.       Travelling
2.       Fine Dining
3.       Cinema
4.       Music
5.       Health and fitness
6.       Reading
7.       Photography
8.       Gardening
9.       Theatre
10.    Arts & Crafts

Which hobbies do you find the most sexy? Do you agree with the Elite Singles study?