The results of high-end magazine Monocle’s yearly Quality of Life Survey are in, and they’re not looking good for Brisbane.

While Australia overall ranked well on the yearly survey (only one US city and none from the UK made the list), with Melbourne ranking as the fourth and Sydney the fifth most liveable cities in the world, Brisbane was absent from the top 25, despite making the list last year.

However, while we were praised for our high levels of sunshine (we are the ‘Sunshine State’, after all), book shops, parks, low cost of living, spacious living, multiculturalism and cafe scene, we were criticised for our lack of night life.

Monocle said that there was a need to create a more lively city centre in Brisbane, akin to Melbourne’s vibrant culture of late night dining and entertainment that it is famous for.

Melbourne topped Sydney once again on the list, except the latter’s popularity continues to rise.

Regarding Melbourne’s position on the list, Monocle had this to say:

(It honours) the good things in life: art, food, coffee, design, architecture, theatre, live music, and sport.

You’ll often hear a Sydneysider concede that it’s a great place for a weekend.

However, only one position below it, there was also plenty of praise heaped on Sydney:

(It boasts) long sunlight hours right through winter, and the barometer rarely drops below double digits.

Early mornings see residents take to the beaches from Bondi to Balmoral, and at lunchtime office workers head for the pools that line the shore.

Look, this is not the first time this has happened. We’re constantly jived by our southern counterparts as a ‘boring’ city. We don’t have the same cosmopolitan air of Sydney or hipster cool of Melbourne. Musicals don’t premiere here, everything closes at 6pm except on Fridays, and we don’t have the plethora of festivals that our counterparts do. But, there is plenty for everyone from teenagers to families to explore without needing to travel far from the city, including the river, the many cafes, and gardens, without the need for transport.

Monocle’s Most Liveable Cities, 2015

1. Tokyo, Japan
2. Vienna, Austria
3. Berlin, Germany
4. Melbourne, Australia
5. Sydney, Australia
6. Stockholm, Sweden
7. Vancouver, Canada
8. Helsinki, Finland
9. Munich, Germany
10 (equal). Zürich, Switzerland
10 (equal). Copenhagen, Denmark
12. Fukuoka, Japan
13. Singapore
14. Kyoto, Japan
15. Paris, France
16. Madrid, Spain
17. Auckland, New Zealand
18. Lisbon, Portugal
19. Hong Kong
20. Amsterdam, Netherlands
21. Hamburg, Germany
22. Geneva, Switzerland
23. Oslo, Norway
24. Barcelona, Spain
25. Portland, USA

What do you think? Should Brisbane be on the list?