Brisbane City Council is threatening to take back thousands of tickets to Brisbane’s first Eat Street Markets event on the Story Bridge.

Brisbane City Council are set to confiscate thousands of Story Bridge Anniversary tickets, after a large number of residents sneakily claimed more than their fair share.

Some residents even jumped online and snagged a large number of tickets, which they are now trying to sell off even though the event itself is free.

A Brisbane City Council spokesperson said around 300 people claimed tickets across all three sessions of the Story Bridge 75 event, exceeding the maximum limit of 10 tickets per person.

“Council will be taking these tickets back to give more people the opportunity to be part of the Story Bridge 75 event on July 5,” the spokesperson said. “These 3000 impacted tickets will be put back into the mix and will be made available during the next ticket release on June 22.”

The event is part of the Story Bridge’s 75th anniversary celebrations. From the moment it was announced it was a massive hit with the first allocation of 25,000 tickets snapped up minutes after they were released on 15 May.

Attendees are able to reserve tickets for one of three time slots throughout the day. The different time slots are partly due to the weight restrictions on the Story Bridge, with only 20,000 people able to be on it at one time.

Event organisers are hoping to attract 60,000 people to the event and from the looks of it, they might reach their goal.

The Story Bridge 75 celebrations will run from 11am to 4pm on 5 July. The next lot of tickets will be released on 22 June.

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