A UK family got the fright of their lives after buying a bunch of bananas that contained a nest of deadly spider eggs.

Keith and Laura Hobbs fled their home with their four children after they were told by wildlife experts that the eggs found on the outside of their bananas were from the Brazilian Wandering Spider.

A spider that can kill a person in just two hours with its venom.

The Hobbs’ said they had bought the bananas from their local Aldi store in Hinckley, Leicestershire. When they got home they opened them up and found a nest of spider eggs.

The couple said they immediately called the police and wildlife experts.

Manager of the Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary, Geoff Grewcock told Mirror UK it was a frightening situation.

“We had to determine what the eggs were and we thought on the balance of probabilities it was probably eggs from a Brazilian Wandering Spider,” he said. “They can kill you, people who get bitten do die.

“The banana’s came from Brazil and the question now is where is the adult (spider)?”

The family’s home has been fumigated and the store was also temporarily shut down for the day while experts searched the isles for the deadly creepy crawly. Nothing was found.

An Aldi spokesperson said “The safety of our customers is our absolute number one priority and, as such, the bananas in question were immediately removed from the store as a precautionary measure.”

“Whilst our bananas are of the highest quality and delivered by one of the world’s largest suppliers, these incidents, whilst extremely rare, can occur and we apologise for the distress caused to Mr Hobbs and his family.”

Earlier this year, another woman was surprised by a nest of Brazilian Wandering Spiders on her bananas, after buying them from a Tesco store in the UK.

One small difference is that those eggs hatched! Luckily, she shoved them in the freezer and called experts before they could get away or bite anyone.

The Brazilian Wandering spider was declared the most venomous spider in the world by the Guinness Book of Records.

It’s Greek name, Phoneutria translates as “murderess”.

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