Stunning new statistics reveal that Australian police deal with an average of 657 domestic violence matters on every day of the year — that’s one domestic violence matter every two minutes.

The figures, reported by ABC News, are based on data provided by police services around the country about how often their officers deal with domestic violence matters.

The count stands at 239,846 domestic violence matters per year around the country.

These figures are estimates — there is no standard definition of domestic and family violence across all jurisdictions in Australia, and therefore no standard way to count the number of police call-outs to situations related to domestic violence — but they certainly paint a clear picture of the severity of Australia’s domestic violence epidemic.

Because there is no standard definition of domestic and family violence in Australia, the data captured in each jurisdiction varies, and can include attendance at suspected domestic and family violence incidents; domestic and family violence court orders made by the police; domestic and family violence assaults (encompassing threats and physical violence); and associated agencies reporting domestic and family violence to the police.

Date range Description By hour By day By week By year
Victoria 2014 Family incidents 8 187  1,307  68,134*
Queensland 2013-14 Domestic and family violence occurrences 8 181  1,266  66,016*
NSW 2014 Domestic violence related incidents 7 159  1,115  58,140*
Tasmania 2013-14 Family violence arguments and incidents 0 11  78  4,071*
WA 2013-14 Domestic assaults 2 41  289  15,095*
ACT 2013-14 Police attending domestic violence incidents 0 9  63  3,309*
NT 2014 Domestic violence assaults 0 12  81  4,224*
SA 2015 Domestic-related taskings 2 57  400*  20,857
Australia 27 657  4,600  239,846

*Figure provided to ABC News by state and territory police. Other numbers were calculated based on this figure and rounded to the nearest whole number. 

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