The Eat Street Markets crew are gearing up to help celebrate the Story Bridge’s 75th birthday.

For the first time ever, Eat Street Markets will relocate to the Story Bridge for a historic event on Sunday 5 July.

The markets will be held on the bridge from 11am until 4pm, with just over one kilometre of stalls to browse. The stalls offer a wide range of delicious international cuisines including French, USA BBQ, Indian and Mexican, and there’ll be heaps of live entertainment.

Eat Street’s John Stainton says it’ll be a day everyone will remember.

“This is the first time anyone has ever done this and it’s something people will remember for the rest of their life,” he says.

“It’s fantastic that Brisbane City Council has done this. Not many other places say, ‘Let’s have a party on the bridge!’ It’s a huge exercise, so I don’t know if they’ll let us do it again.”

Although the markets will be fabulous, John admits the whole thing is a logistical nightmare from his point of view.

“It’s going to be a huge weekend. We have four hours to set up and when we finish for the day, we have three hours to move out. I hope we can go that quickly.

“But we’re celebrating an icon, so all the hard work will pay off.”

Although the event is free, you do have to register to attend. The early bird ticket allocation has already been exhausted, so you’ve got to get in quick. The next lot of tickets will be available today (June 1) — watch the 9 News 6pm bulletin for the opening announcement!

To register for the celebrations, visit