Brisbane singer-songwriter Ella Ferdinands scored big time when her debut single, Dapper Love fell into the hands of a popular Hit105FM radio host.

Now, her song is not only being played regularly on the music station; it’s also been picked up and played by stations all over the country.

It was a complete surprise to Ella — she heard Dapper Love one night on the radio and thought ‘WOW’.

“It’s amazing how much attention it’s getting already, I’m over the moon,” she says.

“It’s great that such a well respected music station has made such a big deal of it. I want to become a recording artist and I think I’ve found my sound through Dapper Love.”

Ella is in an unusual position — it’s rare that an unsigned artist’s song gets pick up and played on commercial radio in one city, let alone across the country!

In the long run, though, this was all part of the plan. Ella knew she wanted to be a performer from a young age.

She first started in dance and then tried her hand at musical theatre, but soon realised it wasn’t for her.

“In musical theatre you mimic people and play characters. I just wanted to play myself and be creative,” she says.

“I love the creative process of starting with an idea, adding a melody and ending with a song I can call my own.”

She also trained at the Queensland Young Conservatorium as a lead vocalist in the Jazz Ensemble and then went on to complete a two-year musical theatre internship. Soon after, she discovered her passion for a solo career and has been working hard ever since.

“Success for me is about loving what you do, being happy and seeing the results of hard work paying off,” she says. “You’ve got to aim high, but make sure you stay true to yourself and do what makes you happy.

“You will be faced with failure and rejection, but remember to channel this emotion in a positive way, to help you grow. I’ve learned to take rejection like water off a duck’s back. And when you do find success, remember the people that helped and supported you along the way.”

Miss Ferdinands is already working on a second single, and has her sights set on a film clip for Dapper Love.

“I have a really clear vision for the film clip, it will be very old school, 1960s style, and very dapper.”

Well, naturally.

Dapper Love is available on iTunes. What do you think of the track? Let us know in the comments below!