Not everyone can have that perfect hourglass shape, and Spanx can be a girl’s best friend. But Tina Fey has had enough of squeezing herself into those ‘contraptions’, and here’s why.

Appearing as a guest on one David Letterman’s last episodes of The Late Show, Tina Fey gave audiences a surprising look at what would be a last for her, too.

The comedian stripped off her dress during her interview with Letterman, vowing to ‘never again’ squeeze herself into a tight frock for a talk-show appearance.

“First of all, it’s very hard work,” Fey explained. “I don’t know if you’re aware of the contraptions that are under here!”

Fey put her shape wear on display, with one playful item saluting the retiring talk-show host with a ‘Bye Dave! #LastDressEver’ tag line.

The 30 Rock star said she only wore them to conform to “gender norms”, casting a light on the high standards and pressures women face to look feminine.

Fey said she won’t be making the same grooming efforts for the new generation of late night hosts, including her former Saturday Night Live co-star Jimmy Fallon.

“What, am I going to dress up for Jimmy? That’s creepy, he’s like my brother. I’m going to wear special underwear for [The Late Late Show host] James Corden? That’s not going to happen.”

Known for her vocal feminist views, Fey had a point to make about the expectations of women in the public eye by showing us firsthand the lengths a lot of women have to go to look ‘good’.

Wearing body-squeezing clothing and undergarments in an effort to look thinner and smoother can be highly uncomfortable, and by the look of things, Fey has simply had enough.

Fey says the next time you see her, she’ll be “playing charades in a slanket”.