If you hate your job, it might be time for a career change. A new study has revealed the best and worst jobs — where does yours fit in?

Through an algorithm identifying environment, income, outlook and stress, CareerCast.com has released its 27th annual ‘Jobs Rated’ survey, ranking 200 different professions.

The winners include mainly mathematical and IT based professions, while careers in industries that are being diminished by technological advancements such as print media and the Taxi industry have proven to be less desirable.

The 10 best jobs

10. Computer systems analyst

Average Salary = US $81,000

Candidates must possess a high level of technical expert as they design IT solutions and modify, enhance or adapt existing systems. In an ever-growing industry, these professionals will always have plenty of opportunities knocking on their doors.

9. Occupational therapist

Average Salary = US $77,114

OT’s are responsible for boosting the broader job market by getting people back to work, thus are in constant high demand.

8. Software engineer

Average Salary = US $93,113

In a constantly emerging digital world, with apparently a major shortage of trained coders, this comes as no surprise.

7. Dental hygienists

Average Salary = US $71,102

Surprisingly the myth that dentists are the least happy professionals does not ring true. Although not as qualified as a Dentist, Dental Hygienists are well-paid and apparently in short supply in the U.S

6. Data scientist

Average Salary = US $124,149

As social media consumes our lives, gathering data and analysing behaviours can assist in predicting trends for large corporations.

5. Biomedical engineer

Average Salary = US $89,165

The combination of two highly skilled fields. The biomedical engineering industry is set to continue to grow rapidly with advancements in healthcare and technology.

4. Statistician

Average Salary = US $79,191

A career that has always been highly regarded, of which Jobs Rated research shows to have, “No shortage of opportunities”.

3. Mathematician

Average Salary = US $102,182

Highly skilled and able to work in a range of different industries, thus in high demand. Unlikely to have done Maths A.

2. Audiologist

Average Salary = US $71,113

Said to be one of the most rewarding professions providing solutions for the hearing impaired. This industry is in high demand to service in particular the ageing population.

1. Actuary 

Average Salary = US $94,209

A somewhat surprising result as these guys spend their days calculating risk. However research has shown that hiring outlook is always good and the pay is very decent.

Now may be the time to jazz up that old resume a little bit as we reveal the…

Top 10 worst jobs

10. Posties

Average Salary = US $41,068

Sadly a dying industry. Much like Australia Post, The US postal industry is struggling with people opting for electronic means of communication. According to the research, our beloved Posties are said to have the worst 10-year outlooks.

9. Firefighter

Average Salary = $45,264

An incredibly noble career choice which comes with extremely high levels of stress and risk. Also ranked by Job Ratings as the “Most Stressful Job” in the US for 2015.

8. Taxi driver

Average Salary = US $23,118

Low pay and constant threats to their safety are now seemingly the least of their worries, as alternate, low-cost transport solutions such as Uber threaten to take their business.

7. Corrections officer

Average Salary = US $39,163

The low level of pay in this career doesn’t quite outweigh the stress and threat to well-being when working with dangerous criminals.

6. Photojournalist

Average Salary = US $29,267

A costly career to undertake with hefty price tags for quality equipment, photojournalists also face similar threats to their careers as publications opt for cheaper, more efficient means of obtaining photographs.

5. Broadcaster

Average Salary = US $29,347

No longer as glamorous as it once was, following the recent major cuts to Brisbane broadcaster 4BC, it is evident that the broadcast industry is also struggling.

4. Cook

Average Salary = US $42,208

A field that has always seemed to be exempt from any Workplace Health and Safety regulations, the long hours, undesirable conditions and hefty demands of cook’s definitely makes this job less appealing.

3. Military personnel

Average Salary = US $44,283

With the dangers and risks being fairly obvious, this job can come with a lot of stress, particularly in the US forces.

2. Lumberjack

Average Salary = US $34,100

An extremely lonely profession, where work is carried out mostly in isolation, this job is characterised to be highly stressful and dangerous.

1. Newspaper Reporter

Average Salary = $36,267

Demanding hours and heavy workloads led to this professions low ranking.

For those of you still weighing up your career options you can take from the list these lessons.  Don’t drop Maths B, your computer is your best friend, and by all means do NOT become a journalist of any kind (because we need to keep our jobs).