There’s nothing worse than having a prime TV moment ruined before you get to see it with your own eyes. Here’s how to avoid TV spoilers.

Spoiler Shield

Spolier Shield will stop you from seeing or reading anything related to the TV show you care about the most, both on Facebook and Twitter. The Spoiler Shield is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices, and there is also a Google Chrome extension.

Facebook Post Filter

If you’re looking to block Facebook spoilers on your desktop, then check out Facebook Posts Filter. The free plug-in allows you to enter keywords that would be featured in posts, working similarly to the Twitter plug-in.

Tweetbot/Twicca Apps

Mobile Twitter users can prevent spoilers from leaking by downloading the app Tweetbot for iOS or Twicca for Android. Tweetbot allows you to block messages from users without unfollowing them, as well mute hashtags and keywords. The only downside to this app is it costs $19.99. Twicca for Android devices is free and essentially offers the same features.

No YouTube Comments/ YouTube Comment Snob

The YouTube comments section is a dangerous breeding ground for spoilers. You can block Block YouTube spoiler comments by downloading the No YouTube Comments extension of Chrome or YouTube Comment Snob for Firefox. Both plug-ins do the same thing — hide the text comments sections. Comment Snob works for multiple websites, and can be used to block comments with profanity.

Do you have any tips for avoiding spoilers?