Life can get pretty awkward when you’ve got the same name as a celebrity. Especially when it’s Queen Bey.

Facebook page Humans of New York introduced us to a lovely young lady with a name we know very well — Beyoncé.

Beyoncé explained the real life struggles and the constant jokes she gets from sharing her name with the famous singer,

“Sometimes I hate my name because it always draws attention to me, and I’m not a very social person. My family moved this year from Pennsylvania. I was so scared the first day of school that someone would notice me. I wouldn’t even adjust my seat because I thought it would make a noise. One time I really had to cough, but I held it in. When the teacher started calling attendance, I got really nervous, because every time people learn my name is Beyoncé, somebody starts singing ‘Single Ladies.’ And some did, of course. But the second day of school wasn’t too bad. Because everyone knew my name.”

What makes this story better is the amazing comment thread that followed. Take a look…













I feel I must add to the discussion here. Let’s just say I’ve had my fair share of Finding Nemo jokes. And ordering fish’n’chips is always entertaining… especially when my family’s favourite fish is Dory.

Does your name get you into awkward situations? Let us know in the comments below!