May Day returns to May, and the Queen moves her birthday party to October.

From 2016, the Labour Day public holiday will once again be commemorated in May after being moved to October by the Newman government.

Before it was moved in 2013, the Labour Day holiday had been celebrated in May in Queensland since 1891. The rationale behind the change was to bring Queensland in line with other states.

Treasurer Curtis Pitt said Labour Day is returning to its “rightful and historic” date. He says the changes fulfill an election promise, and will help to spread public holidays across the calendar year.

“We will be reversing the LNP’s arrogant decision,” Mr Pitt said.

“We will also be supporting plans for next year to mark the 125th anniversary of the first Labour Day in May in Queensland, held in 1891.”

Mr Pitt said the decision to move Labour Day was a “vindictive” one by the Newman government.

“This day has often been considered to be simply a political day,” he said.

“But frankly (it) is all about ensuring we celebrate the hard-fought-and-won conditions that working Queenslanders have had to come through over more than a century.”

The Queen’s Birthday holiday will also be moving, from June to the first Monday in October.