It was a weekend outing gone wrong for 13 unfortunate passengers on the Green Lantern rollercoaster.

At 12:50pm on Sunday the Green Lantern rollercoaster came to a jolting stop as a wheel on one of the carriages dislodged, leaving 13 people stranded at two points of the track.

Passengers were stuck for over three and a half hours in 30 degree heat.

The top cart was tilted to the side and needed to be secured by Queensland Fire and Rescue with the use of a cherry-picker before people could be removed safely, while theme park engineers were able to stabilise the second cart which had stopped near the beginning of the ride.

All areas of the park with a direct view of the trapped passengers were quickly cordoned off, with family of those trapped waiting at the base of the ride.

The six passengers trapped near the top of the ride were taking to Gold Coast University hospital for assessment.

The rollercoaster has been closed until a full investigation has been conducted by Movie World.