The new Apple watch has been unveiled — but it isn’t the first made by the company.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has unveiled the Apple Watch, however it wasn’t their first attempt.

20 years ago Apple created a limited number of watches to include as an optional promotional gift for Macintosh users who upgraded to Mac OS 7.5 software.

It was used as an incentive for consumers to buy the new system and as you can see, it was pretty unique.

The retro watch featured anodized aluminium, blue bezel, a colourful apple logo, scratch resistant glass and had “Mac OS” embossed across the band.

If you’re a hardcore Apple fan, you haven’t missed out completely. You can buy the old school version of the Apple Watch at a site called Original Watch Store; this frankly ridiculous piece of history will set you back anything from $799 to $2,999, depending on the condition.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need any more notifications in my life. If I had a few grand to spare I’d definitely opt for the retro watch over the new version.