Following the huge success of last years G20 Leaders Summit, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk announces Brisbane’s bid for the 2028 Olympic Games.

“I think that Brisbane would be the obvious choice for the next Australian Olympic bid,” said Lord Mayor Graham Quirk at today’s press conference at City Hall.

Making a name for ourselves following the success of November’s G20 Leaders Summit, The Lord Mayor sees a lot of potential for the bid. “As Australia’s new world city, I think we’ve demonstrated that we are capable of staging a world event – staging it safely, successfully and with attention to detail.”

Particularly promising is the backing by Olympic Committee’s John Coates for the River City’s bid. “I was interested to see comments from Australian Olympic Committee’s John Coates saying he felt Brisbane was an obvious choice. We’ve come of age as a city, there’s no doubt about that.”

The 2012 London Olympics has been estimated to have cost around the $30 billion mark, so any bid made by Brisbane would require heavy support on both a State and Federal level, as the Lord Mayor pointed out.

“The reality with any Olympic bid is that we would simply be a cooperating partner as a city authority, the resourcing would come through the Federal and State Governments. One of the benefits we have is that we have a body called the Council of Mayors for South East Queensland and we have great cooperation between Mayors and represent one in seven Australians. Any bid that would be put forward would not just be about Brisbane City alone but one that would incorporate and involve the Mayors of SEQ.”

The bid will be discussed further at the next Council of Mayors meeting held on Friday March 6 with the group of SEQ mayors.

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