It’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life, but as these Brisbane brides found out, your wedding day is also ripe for disaster.

The course of true love never did run smooth.

Weddings are days filled with promises of love, commitment and cake. It’s also the only time you can get away with throwing rice at a loved up couple while they’re decked out in full scale formal wear in the middle of the day.

However, not every wedding day runs to plan and like the Disney princesses who came before them, many Brisbane brides have had to overcome adversary or thwart an evil witch (read: mother-in-law) before they could make it down the aisle.

Ashlea Harper was one hopeful and blushing bride who watched her perfect wedding day slowly melt away.

“Our wedding cake’s icing melted off the day before the wedding,” Ashlea says. “It had to be re-iced at the reception venue by my sister.

“Our wedding reception was at a club and we had some random guys gate crash. They told everyone they were friends of the bride, until I told them to get out because I was the bride!”

Veronica Denman has been married for 46 years and still remembers a surprise mishap that occurred just before she said ‘I do’.

“While my husband was dressing for our wedding his brother took his shoes away to give them a final ‘polish’,” Veronica says. “But what he really did was paint in big white letters on the sole of one shoe ‘HE’ and on the other ‘LP’. So when my husband and I were kneeling at the altar, the congregation saw the word ‘HELP’ on his shoes.

“We didn’t find out about it until the reception, where everyone was having a good laugh.”

When it comes to wedding day disasters, Jayne Schwajhardt admits that even the most unlikely of mishaps can’t dampen the big day.

“My dad reversed into my photographer while we were getting photos taken on the beach,” Jayne says. “Luckily, the photographer was fine and completely unhurt.

“We also got bogged leaving the beach and the whole wedding party, including myself, had to dig the vehicle out. It was a whole lot of fun though.”

A dress disaster is at the top of the worry list for most brides, and bride Danneeka Vandervoet lived through that nightmare.

“My wedding dress was cut too short a week before the wedding, then she reattached the bottom,” Danneeka says. “The day before the wedding, I picked it up and it was still too short and lopsided. So you saw one of my shoes and the boning in the bodice was all busted and broken.

“On the day I was three hours late, leading hubby and all the guests to think I’d abandoned him. No one had their phones. But as of 6 March we have been happily married for five years and have two incredible kids!”

Despite these happy-yet-bumpy roads to happily ever after, wedding day malfunctions are greatly feared. In fact, there are a wealth of customs and practices at play in western culture specifically designed to chase away bad luck.

Brides wear a veil in order to disguise themselves from the evil spirits who might be jealous of their happiness. Grooms and their brides go to great lengths to avoid seeing each other before they meet at the altar, for fear of bringing bad luck down upon them. Some couples even opt to not get married on a Saturday, because according to English folklore it’s the unluckiest day of the week to get married.

But it seems that no matter what traditions and protocols you follow on your big day, bad luck will still turn up like an unwanted guest at a sit-down dinner.

But that’s ok, because every true love story needs a good twist.

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