The fall-out after Monday night’s Four Corners report continues to cause turmoil for the greyhound racing industry.

An exclusive Four Corners report aired on Monday evening and unveiled a widespread live-baiting practice that has cast the industry into disrepute.

Live baiting, where animals such as possums, rabbits and piglets are strapped to mechanical lures for dogs to chase, has been an illegal training practice in Queensland for decades and is considered cheating under greyhound racing laws.

Thirteen trainers have now been suspended in Queensland pending further investigation and face lifetime bans, hefty fines and possible gaol time. Major national sponsor Macro Meats Gourmet Game has also pulled all support for the industry as a result.

The story led to interstate allegations and investigations and has also resulted with the New South Wales government dismissing the entire board of Greyhound Racing NSW in a bid to restore the integrity of the industry.

NSW Racing Minister Troy Grant told ABC News Breakfast that the dismissal is an attempt to shine light on the industry and the way resources are distributed.

“The question is, how could this happen on their watch?” he says.

There are now calls to suspend all greyhound racing until an industry-wide review can be carried out to determine how rife the practice is in an attempt to ensure the fairness of the sport as a gambling product.

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