The Electoral Commission of Queensland has officially declared that Labor has won 44 seats in the state election.

With Independent Peter Wellington, who has committed to supporting Annastacia Palaszczuk’s Labor government, Labor officially has the numbers needed to form government.

The LNP has won 42 seats, and Katter’s Australian Party has won two.

Although the Labor Party has the numbers, they will have to wait for Governor Paul de Jersey to decide when they can actually form government.

Mr de Jersey has indicated he would commission a new premier once all seats were declared, but that likely won’t happen until Monday at the earliest, when the writ is returned to him.

The LNP has been vocal about their desire to stay on as a caretaker government while the Court of Disputed Returns deliberates on the disputed result in Ferny Grove, where The Palmer United Party candidate was disqualified for being an undisclosed bankrupt.

Stay tuned…

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