Are you living the dream, working for yourself, choosing your own hours and fuelling your day with your passions? If you’re not, take inspiration from others who have gone on before you. In our B for Business feature, we profile ordinary people who have taken the plunge and started their own business. This week, we went inside the creative world of Miranda Trost and Sophie Sauzier from Wrap Kit Co.

Budding business owners Miranda Trost and Sophie Sauzier are stepping away from the nine-to-five lifestyle and jumping into the world of entrepreneurship with the launch of their business Wrap Kit Co.

Blossoming from graphic designer Sophie’s love of all things paper, and fashion designer Miranda’s love of all things fabric, the two threw themselves into a small studio in South Brisbane and began experimenting with mediums outside of their realms of experience. Their play revealed a link between Sophie’s graphic styling and Miranda’s floral elements, and from here their debut collection Flora Nova began to take shape.

Taking this, they combined their newly-developed style with a burgeoning interest in the traditional art-form of Japanese Furoshiki wrapping, the pair took the giant leap into starting their own enterprise and their collaboration Wrap Kit Co. was born.

bmag chatted to the two creatives about how it all began and where the inspiration originally came from.

Who is who and who does what?
Wrap Kit Co. is a collaboration between graphic designer Sophie Sauzier and fashion designer Miranda Trost. Together we are the co-creatives and co-owners of Wrap Kit Co. Sophie is a very talented graphic designer, so we usually come together and discuss her concepts, refine the ideas and develop our products and prints together from there. Miranda works on the business development and textile side of things, sewing and finishing and also liaising with clients on our bespoke commissions.

Can you share about your backgrounds?
In 2013 Sophie was in her first year of operation of her graphic design business Soda Design Studio, and Miranda had left her full-time job to start her fashion design business Conrad Cloth. One afternoon on Sophie’s verandah we were discussing our visions for our businesses and discovered our mutual interest in Furoshiki, the Japanese technique of using cloth for transporting goods. One thing led to another, and in one afternoon we had come up with our business name, fleshed out our collection, and decided to go into business together.

Where does your inspiration and ideas come from?
We draw our design inspiration from a unique balance of masculine and feminine elements. Very soon after Wrap Kit Co. was born we threw ourselves into a small studio in South Brisbane and began experimenting with mediums outside of our realms of experience. Our play revealed a link between Sophie’s graphic styling and Miranda’s feminine floral elements, and from here our debut collection Flora Nova began to take shape.

Our product is developed with many second purposes in mind from tea-towels, napkins and gorgeous light-weight summer scarfs, right through to fully bespoke commissions for special occasions such as weddings and new-borns.

Favourite wrapping combo (ie fabric, colours, props etc)?
The possibilities are literally endless when it comes to Furoshiki wrapping techniques, the whole idea is fairly simple with a big impact. In our opinion all you really need for fabulous gift wrapping is a Fabric Gift Wrap, some confetti, a gift card and a creative mind, and with Wrap Kit Co. all of these tools are in one handy kit.

One of our favourite Furoshiki techniques is the ‘Yotsu Musubi’ or four tie wrap, which is good for square or rectangular gifts such as a book or a box of chocolates. Simply take your wrap and lay it design side down and place your gift in the centre, sprinkle your gift with some confetti and follow the enclosed instructions for tying, once you’re happy with your tie, write on your gift card and attach with your card clip onto your wrapped gift. Hey presto! A gift that gives twice!

If you could wrap a present for anyone alive today – who and why?
We would wrap for Run D.M.C. To show them how it’s really done.

Wrap Kit Co. is now available through the Wrap Kit Co. online store. Sophie and Miranda will also be launching a very special charity and social development aspect of their business in mid 2015 so for more info, head to

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