Santa Stefan went to the new Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital to deliver thousands of toys to all the sick children who won’t be able to go home for Christmas.

On Wednesday December 17, Stefan and his helpers turned up at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital determined to bring joy and laughter (and Santa) with them.

Stefan’s helpers prepared thousands of gifts, packed into giant Santa sacks, and transported via Wrangler Jeeps to the hospital as part of Stefan’s foundation Make A Sick Kid Smile (MASKS). Helping Stefan deliver the toys, were MASKS newly crowned Ambassadors Campbell Dawson and Luke Spalding, who have witnessed first hand how MASKS Charity helped put a smile on their faces through their long hospital stays.

It was an exciting event that kicked off at 9am when the Police Commissioner lan Stewart and the Queensland Motorcycle police met a number of families with sick kids from the hospital for breakfast at Jo-Jo’s Restaurant in the Queen St Mall. Then the Christmas convoy travelled in a loud, brightly-coloured pack to deliver the presents and toys to every single ward and every single child in the new hospital.

Jeep got on board too, providing red Wranglers as modern Santa Sleighs, filled to the brim with the sacks of toys.

The CEO of the Children’s Hospital Foundation, Cameron Prout said, “A big part of what the Children’s Hospital Foundation does is to give kids in hospital the thing they crave the most – the ability to just be a kid. By MASKS supporting sick kids and their families, we can provide welcome distractions and entertainment.”

Once at the hospital, the crowds parted to let Santa through to the wards where he did the rounds, greeting and chatting to the kids and bringing joy and laughter. Everyone involved was integral to the success of the event from the carol singers to the volunteers to Stefan himself.

Seeing such huge smiles on the faces of the children showed just how much something like this can affect a child.

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