Looking for ways to give back this Christmas? Then you might want to help out The Brisbane Basket Brigade by donating food, gifts or Christmas decorations to help struggling families.

​The Brisbane Basket Brigade (BBB) is all about helping out at Christmas. The Brigade work to deliver food, clothing, toys and, most importantly, hope to those who need it at this time of year.

The Basket Brigade is the annual campaign to provide food and gifts for people that need a hand — children, the elderly, the hungry and the homeless — during the Christmas season each year. Did you know that as part of this movement, hundreds of teams of volunteers feed more than 2 million people in 400 cities, across 74 countries annually?

Volunteers at the Brisbane branch work together to help those who may have fallen on hard times or who just need to be reminded that someone cares. The organisation fundraise throughout the year so they can put together baskets of essential goodies which are then delivered to families close to Christmas. The baskets are actually given completely anonymously — the only note they receive asks them to take care of themselves, and if one day they find themselves in a position to help another, then do so. The Brisbane Basket Brigade are big believers of the ‘pay it forward’ concept.

They work closely with grass-roots community organisations to target those who rarely seek out charity, and are at risk of falling through the gap. These are people who are living in financial distress or are otherwise disadvantaged — families with young children, the elderly and the homeless — and who otherwise might not be able to celebrate Christmas.

Last year, a committee of only seven people raised enough funds and procured enough donations to create 500 gift baskets for approximately 350 households, benefiting 800 individuals. This small group also organised and managed a temporary workforce of 200 volunteers who came together on Packing Day last year to assemble and deliver the baskets. All in all, pretty impressive achievements and this year, their goal is to assemble 1,000 gift baskets to be delivered to 700 households, benefiting 1,500 individuals. Packing Day is this Sunday, December 14 and even though BBB can’t take any more volunteers at this event, you can still help out by donating the items they need.

If you can donate any of the below items by Saturday December 13, your goods will go directly into one of the BBB baskets that will be given out the following week to people in need.


Make sure you donate non-perishable items that have a use by date which is later than January 2015, otherwise your donation cannot be accepted.

Christmas-related items

Do you have Christmas decorations, tinsel, wrapping paper, ribbon or bon bons which you could donate? These are either used directly on packing day to wrap gifts. Or are included in the baskets, as decorations and wrapping paper are a luxury that many can’t afford.

Christmas Gifts

These gifts will be given to a vast array of people in need from young children to older people. The gifts don’t have to be wrapped but if you choose to wrap, make sure you label the gift you donate with the age/gender of the ideal recipient.

Saturday December 13 will be the absolute last chance for you to donate to BBB. If you would like to contribute any of the above items, simply email brisbanebasketbrigade@magicmoments.org to arrange a drop off time and place with one of their volunteers. You can also donate money at brisbanebasketbrigade.com