Do you wish you had time to work ‘on’ the business instead of ‘in’ it? St. George has some planning tips to help you start the New Year the right way.

The holiday season is fast approaching and for many small to medium enterprise businesses (SMEs) it represents an opportunity to recharge the batteries with family time – for others it is the busiest period of the year. If you are a business that slows during Christmas and New Year, plan to have some ‘business planning time’ – this could be an opportunity to work on the business and kick start 2015.

Use your downtime to make an appointment with the experts. Book in time with your accountant, insurer, financial planner and banker to make sure your ‘financial house’ is in good order. Ask yourself ‘are the products and services I am paying for the most appropriate and cost effective?’ Is there is anything you can do to improve in 2015?

Top tips for business owners:

  • Consider a social media strategy in 2015

Make it a goal to reach your target market by participating in conversations on social media – sharing information and ideas. This helps your business to build trust and people will recommend you and follow you. Many businesses specialise in giving social media advice to SMEs about how to turn the unknown to an absolute advantage for your business.

  • Find yourself a business mentor

When it comes to your business, mentors are like trusted advisors, someone that you can turn to for guidance. They can be the key ingredient needed for your business to thrive.

  • Revisit your ‘unique competitive advantage’

Look over the past 12 months: – When did your customers buy? – What did they buy? – How much did they spend? Then: – Consider what your competitors are doing. – Consider the edge that your business has and what your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are (the SWOT).

  • Finally, make a new year resolution for your business

Consider all of the information you now have from the tips and think about what you should stop doing, start doing and continue doing for your business this year and make a resolution (or two) – write it down and keep it visible so you can read it every day.

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