Don’t join the crowd and flee Brisbane for the G20. There’s so much to do in Brisbane, and we’ve found some things you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

It’s one of the biggest events in Brisbane’s history, but it seems like no one wants to stay and watch it unfold.

The G20 Leaders’ Summit will take place this weekend in Brisbane and although our city has gone out of its way to put on a show, it seems nobody will be around to enjoy it. Tourism bodies from the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast  report that they are filled to capacity this weekend, with bookings flowing in months in advance from eager Brisbane people wanting to vacate the city. Some holiday venues have even offered special G20 deals in order to sweeten the deal.

But if you are planning to hang around Brisbane this weekend then you’re in for a treat, because there is so much to see and do. If you’re on the fence and not sure whether or not you should stay home this weekend, then we’re about to tip the scales firmly in Brisbane’s favour.

Click through the gallery above for 20 reasons to stay in Brisbane for the G20!

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