Three teens with a song and a goal are asking you to get behind them.

Three teens are doing their bit to make a difference – Aliandra Calabrese from Wooloowin is an architecture student at the University of Queensland and has studied piano since the age of four; AJ Hawkins from Coomera is a singer, dancer and actor; and Regan Samuels from Bracken Ridge is studying Jazz at the Conservatorium.

They are raising awareness of a very important cause by remixing the classic song, California Dreaming, and they’re challenging everyone to get behind them!

The three teens are creating awareness of Youngcare, an organisation dedicated to helping young people get out of aged care and nursing homes. Currently, young disabled people who need 24/7 care have no place to live but in aged homes with people who are at the end of their lives and where the average age is eighty years.

And as Angus says, “don’t get us wrong, we love grandparents,” but adds Regan “we wouldn’t want to hang out with them all the time.” Or vice versa, I imagine.

By raising awareness and reaching out to other youth aged through a remix of Californian Dreaming, Regan, Aliandra and AJ, like the lyrics of the song, want to get rid of the ‘grey skies’ hanging over young disabled people in aged care.

“Young people are a powerful force,” says Aliandra. “We can make a huge difference to the quality of life of young disabled. Most people just don’t know about the need.”

“We reckon the best way to raise awareness in other young people is through things that we all respond to easily – music, YouTube, social media. It’s a worthwhile project and one that is achievable,” says AJ.

“Listen to the song, go without that new phone case, make a donation, organise an event, jump on board,” invites Regan.

Visit Youngcare at