The Bavarian Bier Cafe has reportedly withdrawn their controversial #BestRack campaign.

The restaurant chain had been slammed by activists Collective Shout for ‘treating women like meat’ with the advertisement, which featured the slogan “We’ve got the best racks” above an image of two women wearing low cut dresses sitting on either side of a fully dressed man. The image featured the hashtag #bestrack.

Bavarian Bier Cafe


In response to the controversy surrounding the ad, Bavarian Bier Cafe is donating $1 from every rack of ribs sold to breast cancer charity The Treasure Chest. The company told bmag yesterday that they have raised $65,000 for charity so far.

bmag has obtained a letter sent to Collective Shout by the Advertising Standards Board, confirming that the Bavarian Bier Cafe have voluntarily withdrawn the ad campaign from both social media and outdoor advertising.



“We need to keep challenging the sexual objectification of women in our culture,” Collective Shout’s Melinda Liszewski told bmag yesterday, “because it’s a culture that’s making girls sick. Sexual objectification contributes to negative body image, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, poor academic performance… these are real impacts, these aren’t things people have just made up.”

The overwhelming majority of readers who have commented on yesterday’s story have said that the ad does not offend them, and praised the Bavarian Bier Cafe for their donation to charity.

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