Is the mere thought of G20 mania, road closures and restricted areas sending you into a cold sweat? Never fear, because we’ve got the perfect plan to help you elude the pandemonium.

The G20 Leaders’ Summit is drawing closer and closer, which means our lovely river city will soon dissolve into somewhat organised chaos.

You’ve heard about the road closures that have threatened to wreak havoc on our transport plans, you’ve puzzled over the list of items that you’ve been banned from carrying through our city and hopefully filed away a list of the restricted zones so you don’t get caught out.

While it doesn’t look like you’ll be getting free public transport to ease your woes during the summit, you will be getting a long weekend and that’s definitely something to smile about.

So in order to escape the madness of the G20, we’ve devised a list of destinations you can head to from Friday 14 November to Sunday 16 November to keep you out of harm’s way.

Click through the gallery to find out how to escape the G20 chaos.