Brisbane is a uniquely beautiful place. Now one of the people who has helped to shape it has shared their favorite locations.

What do you see when you walk around our fair city?

Chances are you’re not really looking, too focused on the places you’ve passed many times before or maybe even the traffic that’s blocking your way. That’s a real shame, because there is so much to see.

Just ask David Gole, Principal at Conrad Gargett Riddel Ancher Mortlock Woolley (CGRAMW). As an architect and a member of Team Brisbane, he’s got a unique insight into what makes our city beautiful.

“We’re an international, sub-tropical city which makes us different from other international cities because of our buildings and how we use them and our urban spaces,” he says. “The way we engage with inside and outside has led to a lifestyle that is different to other cities and you notice that when you’re away from home and traveling. We have a great way of engaging with our urban places.

“I’ve got lots of favorite places in this city. Something that is significant to me are the slightly smaller places that are maybe a little bit out of the way, when you visit them it’s about having a special experience. It’s different to visiting the bigger, more public buildings. Something like going down to James Street, we’ve done a number of small activations projects there like Harveys Bar and Bistro and Tinderbox. Which is all about creating little venues where people can enjoy themselves and creating a new way to dine.

“On the bigger scale it’s the larger, more public builds that we’ve been involved in. We’ve been involved in Customs House and that’s a real favorite because it is so loved and everybody has been there. It’s a major venue for Brisbane and it has become one of those iconic houses. We’ve done a lot of work with the University of Queensland.”

Gole said there are many ways Brisbane heritage buildings can move into the future.

“The conversion of the former mill into apartments is a great place and then close by you’ve got the Powerhouse itself which is one of the best venues Brisbane has got. It’s one of our best success stories and that is really inspiring.”

David Gole is a member of Team Brisbane, a  campaign that seeks to highlight the achievements of Brisbane’s high-profile identities while also encouraging Brisbane residents to talk up their own achievements and city. Join the conversation by using the hashtags #TeamBNE and #brisbaneanyday.