The Queensland Greens are calling for residents to receive free public transport during the G20 Leaders’ Summit.

Turns out the Queensland Greens aren’t all that excited about the upcoming G20 Summit.

Greens spokesperson and Indooroopilly candidate, Jake Schoermer said he was appalled that G20 visitors will get free public transport while residents have to pay their own way, to get out of the way.

“Brisbane has the most expensive bus and train tickets in the country,” he says. “It is more expensive to travel one km in Brisbane than any other capital city in Australia.

“News today from Scott Emerson, Minister for Transport, that 7000 visitors representing the 20 richest countries in the world will get free public transport during G20 is absolutely ridiculous.

“What about residents?”

Mr Schoermer said the G20 is costing Queensland millions and millions of dollars, will see roads will be closed and areas will be no go zones.

“Give everyone in Brisbane a G20 GoCard,” he says. “Brisbane is our home. We want to enjoy our beautiful city too. What will the visitors see when Brisbane becomes a ghost town?

“G20 Go Card holders will get free transport while the rest of us are being asked to leave town. How is that fair?”

“What the Minister does not understand is that Queenslanders are sick of paying through the nose to use public transport. Make public transport affordable, make it accessible and start with the G20 weekend.”

Do you think Brisbane residents should get free public transport during the G20? Let us know in the comments below!

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