The morning after he set social media on fire with the strangest performance ever seen on Dancing With The Stars, Mark Holden has attempted to explain what he was thinking.

The former Australian Idol judge put on a bizarre clown act during last night’s show, scoring just four points (one point each) from the judges. But it was after his performance that things got really weird, as Holden got into his ‘BoBo the Clown’ character and made some inappropriate comments that lit up social media.

“Do you like balloons, Danny?” Holden asked Daniel MacPherson, as he rubbed himself up against the host. “I can get you a balloon, Danny.”

Holden then creepily told judge Kym Johnson “I’ve got to sit you down on my knee, young girl, and have a bloody good conversation.”

Holden called into 4BC Breakfast this morning to explain what was going through his mind.

“Once I get into the character, and once I put that suit on, that clown suit on, essentially I’m possessed,” Holden told hosts Ian Skippen and Loretta Ryan. “I commit to my characters one hundred per cent, I don’t go ninety nine, I go one hundred and ten.

“I was inhabiting the character and then the character sadly just took over… This show is for people who supposedly can’t dance. I try so hard, I’m just bloody hopeless.”

Later on in the show, judge Todd McKenney got on the phone to tell Skippen and Ryan what he thinks of Mark.

“Can I be honest with you? I think Mark is a twit. That’s my personal opinion. I think he’s a twit, and I think he’s playing it completely wrong and I think Australia’s going to turn on him.”

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