Julia Gillard has broken her silence on the turmoil that engulfed her reign as Prime Minister.

For those of you who are hoping for a few moments of candid intimacy from the world of our first female Prime Minister, her new autobiography My Story won’t disappoint.

The book opens on the moment she was voted out of the prime ministership, the stillness that surrounded her and her fight to hold back tears. From that moment on Ms Gillard holds little back when it comes to the emotional turmoil surrounding her controversial leadership reign.

From her take on the problems brewing within the Australian Labor Party that led to her election, to outlining the thought process behind her more controversial political positions, there’s plenty of fodder for politicos to sink their teeth into.

What’s a more interesting take away from the book however is the range of personal and behind-the-scenes information woven through the pages that gives us an even deeper look into Ms Gillard’s life.

From notes on her family and upbringing, to a set of glossy personal photos and even an anecdote about how partner Tim would blow-dry her hair in the mornings to help take the sting out of the morning news cycle, My Story is an intricate look into the life of one of Australia’s most powerful and polarizing women.

Julia Gillard will be at Brisbane City Hall to launch her new autobiography on Wednesday 15 October at 6pm – to book tickets, call 3007 2800.