Brisbane is obsessed by beach culture. We are a city full of sun and surf-lovers, who at the first sight of blue skies and warm weather, are in our cars and on the road — with hats, bikinis, sunscreen and thongs slung in the back.

But where do we go? What determines our destination? Do you head to where the waves are? Or rather, a quiet secluded cove with a long stretch of sand? Perhaps you need a culture fix with your beach hit so you head to places that combine food and fashion with a quick dip or a spot of warming up in the sun.

Being spoilt for choice, sometimes it can be difficult to decide where to go and at which beach to lay your towel down. From pristine, out-of-the-way naked strips of sand to a hustling hub of coconut-oiled people wandering from street to surf, there are perfect options to suit any beach-lover.

Here are a list of some of my favourites that are within a few hours drive (or boat trip) from Brisbane. We’d love to hear from you — what is YOUR favourite summer seaside location? Did yours make the list? Comment below…

To see which beaches made the cut, click through our gallery to see our favourite summer spots.

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