Every girl has the right to an education and Do It In A Dress is aiming to raise $15 000 to make sure this is possible for girls all over the world.

Did you know that a girl born in Sierra Leone, West Africa is more likely to be sexually assaulted than attend high school, and on top of that, almost a third of girls will be married and pregnant before their 15th birthday, with one in eight dying during childbirth?

In light of these shocking statistics, One Girl is calling on all Australians to Do It In A Dress to raise awareness and funds to empower and facilitate the education of these girls, breaking the cycle of poverty and benefiting the whole community in the process.

With big ticket supporters behind the initiative such as Oprah Winfrey (who has donated personal items to raffle off for two years running), Do It In A Dress is a global movement, initially launched by two Melbourne-based social entrepreneurs Chantelle Baxter and Dave Dixon of organisation One Girl. The campaign encourages Australians to have fun and do challenges in a school dress, while tackling the serious issue of education being inaccessible to many girls in Sierra Leone.

Last year saw almost 1000 people from all over the world “Do It In A Dress”, raising more than $350 000 to give girls in Sierra Leone access to education.

After volunteering in West Africa, building schools and getting to know the locals, Chantelle and Dave were shocked at how inexpensive it was for them to help fund a girl’s education but poverty and a lack of awareness about the benefits of educating girls meant that families often sent boys to school rather than the girls.

There are plenty of benefits to educating a girl in Sierra Leone:

  • For every dollar she earns, 90% will be invested back into her family.
  • Her income increases by 10% every year she stays in school.
  • An educated girl will marry later, and have a smaller, healthier family.

This October, One Girl want to start vital conversations to help send those girls to school. A group of Brisbane locals from the Queensland University of Technology, the QUT Gems (Girls in Engineering Making Statements) and the QLD One Girl Ambassadors, are doing a series of events with over 65 students taking part. They’re hoping to raise of $15,000 for girls’ education projects and already they have raised over $4500 which is a spectacular achievement.

So come and show your support by doing it in a dress. To get involved, build a team or for more information, visit Do It In A Dress.