Summer doesn’t just bring beach weather and soaring temperatures – there’s also severe weather events, bushfires and the danger of skin cancer. Be prepared for the season with these safety tips.

Before the storm

  • Prepare an emergency kit;
  • Clean roof, gutters and downpipes and trim tree branches;
  • Register for the Early Warning Alert Service;
  • Check flood maps for your area;
  • Sign up to the Creek Flooding Alert Service.

As it arrives

  • Secure loose objects in yard;
  • Disconnect electrical devices;
  • Keep a charged mobile close by;
  • Put vehicles under shelter or cover with tarpaulins or blankets;
  • Secure animals and keep them calm;
  • If out, find shelter but steer clear of trees, power lines and creeks.

In case of bushfire

  • Ensure there is clear space around buildings and the property is accessible for fire trucks.
  • Clear bark, leaves and undergrowth near buildings.

Visit the Brisbane City Council Be Prepared website for more information and tips.

Fun in the sun

Remember to slip on protective clothing, slop on some sunscreen (SPF30 or higher, broad spectrum and water resistant), slap on a hat, seek some shade and slide on sunglasses to stay safe in the sun.

Visit the Cancer Council Queensland website for more information on how to be sunsmart.

Don’t forget the furry friends

  • Don’t leave dogs in hot cars – temperatures can quickly soar to over 50 degrees.
  • Provide pets with adequate shade and water and ensure they can’t become tangled and prevented from reaching shade.
  • Don’t walk your pet in the middle of day.
  • Snub nose dog varieties and elderly dogs need special attention.
  • Cooling mats are available at pet stores and wet towelling collars help to keep pets cool.
  • Freeze a bowl of water overnight and it will supply cool water as it melts.

Key contacts

Brisbane City Council: 3403 8888

State Emergency Service (SES): 13 25 00

Energex emergencies: 13 19 62

Energex loss of power: 13 62 62 and

Traffic or road closure updates: 13 19 40 or

Bureau of meterology:

Emergencies (police, fire, ambulance): 000