Are you keeping up with technology? Have you moved your business into the digital age? If not, then it is time to embrace the future.

With more consumers heading online, expectations for customer service in digital channels are increasing.

That’s the finding of a recent report from St.George, which revealed the majority of Australians now expect businesses to provide an online customer experience that equals that  of the in-person or over the phone experience.In a survey of more than 1,000 Australians, 60 per cent said they now expect businesses to be online and 25 per cent expect to contact them via social media.

Digital technology has opened up more ways for businesses to connect with customers, however the research shows there’s more potential to grow a business further by strengthening relationships with customers online.Customer service has always been a critical part of running a small business.

With the recent growth of digital and social channels, businesses now need to ensure their service proposition covers these channels as well, especially if this is their customers’ preferred way of interacting.

The research also showed:

  • Two-thirds of businesses have seen an increase in customers’ demand through digital channels
  • This customer demand through digital channels is often out-of-hours
  • Almost half have seen a drop in the number of phone calls

However, traditional mediums still rank highest for, with 94 per cent of Australians satisfied with the service they receive in person or over-the-phone, compared to 71 per cent of consumers online.

Digital technology is opening a world of opportunity to connect with more customers and on a larger scale. It’s important small business owners consider what channels are best for their business and what level of time and money investment they can make in this area.

We’re hearing from our business customers they’re feeling more confident and are planning to invest in digital technology, and we’re here to help support that investment.

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